Blessings of the herd

Horse lovers are greatly honored when horses decide they are a part of their unique herd. This honor comes with considerable benefits.

  • Keeping you physically active during riding and the daily chores of maintaining a horse and its environment
  • Maintaining bone mass
  • Improving good digestion
  • Fostering beneficial exposure to nature
  • Building character
  • Building self confidence
  • Fostering work ethic
  • Reducing stress
  • Enhancing social life
  • Fostering creativity

Some personal blessings from horse lovers

Cate Raines

Cate Raines, veterinary student
Cate and her love for horses

“I love horses because they’re strong and purposeful in their actions yet kind and gentle enough to carry even the youngest of riders. It’s a beautiful balance.”

Cate presently studies at Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine. “I’m hoping to be a mixed (dog and cat and farm) animal practitioner especially in underserved areas of West Virginia,” states this hard-working student.

Cate comes by her love of animals honestly, for she and her family have been avid participants in 4-H. As one might expect, she has quite a menagerie. Cate enjoys two horses, Bella (pictured) and Tripp, a herd of Boer goats, and two dogs, Tulsa and Tupelo.

Becca Jenkins

Becca and her paint.

“The connection and understanding between a rider and [a] horse is something only few can truly appreciate. For an animal who cannot talk, [a horse] can say so much.”

This dedicated horse-lover graduated from Washington High School in Charles Town, West Virginia. She has been riding since early childhood and riding competitively since she was eight years old. Presently, Becca is studying at West Virginia University, where she is majoring in animal and nutritional sciences with the intention of becoming a nutritionist.

Alixandra Lake

Alix and her horse
Alixandra, gorgeous in black western gear, on horseback.

” The power and grace of the horse inspires and reminds us to believe in the strength and beauty we hold inside ourselves. “

Alixandra was one of my creative writing students and a important consultant on barrel racing and horses in general for A Thing of Beauty. She is the proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

Makenna Holt

Makenna and Denali
Makenna and her rescue horse Denali

” Horses are meaningful to me because when I ride they allow me to escape from reality. Not only this but they connect with you like big puppy dogs!”

My niece Makenna is set to graduate from high school this spring. A long-time fan of horses, she currently works for a veterinarian as a vet assistant. For her undergraduate degree, she plans to study at the University of Cincinnati. She will be studying Biology of Animal Sciences on a Pre-Veterinary track and riding on their competitive IHSA equestrian team. Makenna then plans to continue to veterinary medicine after her undergraduate work.

Makenna has mainly participated in Hunter Jumpers and Equitation over fences. Recently, she also started showing dressage on the local circuits. However, she has also dabbled in western riding, most recently in Versatility at the Ohio State Fair, and an occasional fun class.

Makenna’s beautiful Pinto, Denali is a PMU rescue. Until recent years, mares were bred for their urine which contains a hormone used in some human medications. After birth, the babies were typically sent to slaughter. Denali was rescued and soon found a home with my niece and her family. Makenna and Denali have enjoyed working together for eight years. Aren’t they a lovely team?

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