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Writer and teacher Gale Holt grew up in Oklahoma and Texas and has lived in Germany, Kenya, Montana, West Virginia, and the suburbs of Washington, D.C. She graduated from North Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in English and from Seton Hill University with a masters in Writing Popular Fiction.

This mother of two sons feels most herself when she is writing. As a teacher, she enjoyed English, mythology, and creative writing with high school students and language arts with middle school kids. She has led and taught youth in various volunteer capacities. Puns, good movies, avocados, growing flowers and herbs, her Poochon Ali Valkyrie and her grand daughters are a few of her favorite things. Gale enjoys her daily cup of coffee, but relishes a good tea party! She savors road trips with husband Jim. This active lady exercises three times a week, reads all she can because both are therapeutic!  Stories that both include tough times and redemption are her favored choices, because we all experience some hard moments, and we all need grace.

Gale’s twin passions are storytelling and equipping others to meet their challenges. She has found joy through books all her life. In fact, she found that the best books were the books that in some way formed who she became. For her, writing a book is like creating a friend for a young reader.

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Like my heroine Becky’s father, I was a Baby Boomer child of Depression-era parents. Like Cliff Ramey, I came to appreciate my parent’s grit and grace and endurance with every passing year.

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