An Introverted Narrator?

Who chooses an introvert as the narrator in a novel? Introverts are quiet, introspective, private.  I do—on purpose.  You see, they are quiet, introspective, and they are privately taking in everything and everyone about them. It does not do to underestimate them, for such people can possess a tough inner strength and a sharp, knowing sense of humor. These introverts can demonstrate a feisty nature and will take up for others and for themselves when necessary. Because they are careful observers, they shrewdly judge character and motivation. Any teacher can tell you, that introvert students will perceive mischief in a classroom before any extroverted talkative ‘characters’.

Becky Ramey fits this mold. She quietly observes life and prefers the company of her intimate circle of cousins in East Texas. Rebecca may be reluctant to speak, but beware when she becomes riled over foolishness. This feisty eleven-year-old will rise up and take decisive, physical action, and speak her mind while she does so.

Introvert homebody blues

However, Becky is unwillingly swept from her rural life to suburban Dallas. Although, Dad says he’s seeking greater opportunity for his family, Becky has perceived trouble brewing for a while. Some deep-seated conflict with her grandparents has provoked the move. Now Becky must stretch herself to meet new friends and make a new home in a faster-paced community.  Just as wrenching, she must leave behind her connections with a well-loved family horse, Domino and the hope of getting her own horse. In addition, She must abandon her passion, barrel racing.

Furthermore, kids in the new school do not know how to take this scrappy introvert. While folks back home would take her quietness and her tough approach to rude, rowdy behavior in stride, now she is known and shunned as the mean tough girl, a force to be reckoned with in a dodge ball game.  Isolated and misunderstood, Becky struggles, while her parents absorb themselves in extrovert sister, Jessica’s adoption issues. Therefore, Becky concludes that that Jessica is the “worst thing in her life.” However, she also senses her sister is headed for serious trouble.

Hope for an introvert?

Troubles seem to come hard and fast for Becky, though she finds unexpected allies along the way. Will Becky’s parents come to understand their daughter? Can Becky make it back to tearing around barrels on her very own horse? Who will prevent Jessica’s self-destruction? Come join Becky on her journey. A Thing of Beauty, due May 2019.

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