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Early on, one learns that Life can be beautiful, but that Life can also be stormy, unpredictable, and that the hazards will be many.

The best books speak to the way Life is. My favorite books became friends who spoke to my world, who inspired me, and who pointed to different paths. The stories were compelling — stories I wanted and needed to hear. The characters were formative; they changed me. Scout Finch and I discovered Life’s joys and hard realities together; small, quiet Jane Eyre forged her own path on her own terms with unflinching integrity, and I traveled with her.  Clarisse McClellan of Fahrenheit 451 held fast to her deepest truths when her society did not, and she inspired me. These and many other book friends have a permanent place on my shelf and I still visit them.

When I write books, I create friends for fellow travelers. My stories are honest and unsentimental and uncompromising. They tell tales that are funny, compassionate, knowing, but not unkind and not without hope. Observing a friend’s path may lead to finding your own. I invite you to explore.

About Gale Holt’s New Book, A Thing of Beauty

How does a quiet, tough, small town girl make her way in an unfriendly new school in a community way too close to Dallas?

What unspoken family tragedy drove Daddy to move them away from the place Rebecca loves?  And why can’t he get along with Granddaddy?

Her school counselor father says he wants greater opportunities for his girls. Rebecca just wants her old home and horses.

How does she make her parents see and hear her, when her extroverted, demanding, needy adopted sister is all they notice?

How does Rebecca Ramey give them all grace when that is the last thing she wants to give, but that is what they need?

Above all, how does she make her way back to the two passions that bring her joy: horses and barrel racing?

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